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How secure is your business?


How secure is your business?

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How Cybersafe is my business?

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Do you use the same password for multiple logins?

2 / 7

Do you use multifactor authentication on all logins where available?

3 / 7

Are your computers kept up to date regularly with Windows and third party application patches?

4 / 7

Do you use the same Wi-fi for home and business computers?

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Do you save all your passwords in your browser like Chrome?

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Do you have external backups of your Office 365 emails and data?

7 / 7

Are you currently protected from the 14,400 new threats that are created by hackers every single hour?

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our customers are glad they
chose security everywhere

Many of our customers have been the victim of cyber crime
Which has badly affected their businesses and personal lives.

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The most powerful defence against cyber crime

We use only the best technology to protect you from cyber crime.
Cyber crime evolves rapidly, and at Security Everywhere we use only the best in class technology that is constantly improving to stay ahead of the criminals.
We stay alert so you don’t have to!